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Welcome to the Website of Dr. Charles Hulsey in San Diego, CA. We use only State of the Art Damon Clear Braces, Damon Metal Braces, Harmony Lingual Braces and Invisalign appliances. We also use devices to speed up treatment 30-40 percent.

Our slogan is “The Buck Stops Here” as President Truman said. Dr. Hulsey has solved many severe orthodontic problems over the years as well as resolving and preventing TMJ and headache symptoms often precipitated by less aware orthodontists.

Dr. Hulsey did the original research in orthodontics on the smile. He is very concerned with esthetics and as a result, very seldom extracts permanent bicuspids. Across the country, Approximately 40 percent of orthodontic patients have permanent teeth extracted. Because of this philosophy he uses special techniques to resolve the most severe orthodontic problems.
To have excellent success in TMJ and the most difficult of orthodontics, Dr. Hulseyʼs practice is exclusive, personal and very low volume. This gives he and his team the time needed to provide a positive experience for our patients and their families whether children, teens or adults.

Your smile is just one small feature that makes a big statement. At Hulsey Orthodontics, we want to help make sure that your smile is making the right statements about you!

Dr. Hulsey’s practice is exclusive and personal. He and his team provide the attention needed to create a positive experience for our patients and their families whether children, teens or adult.

  • We stand for excellence in orthodontics, evidenced by the results you’ll see with your new smile. Please look at our smile gallery to see our artistry. (these are our patients, not stock photos from an orthodontic company. )
  • Passionate about his work as an orthodontist, Dr. Hulsey strives to provide patients with a unique experience offering a variety of treatments including Damon, lingual orthodontics and Invisalign as well as extensive TMJ headache and pain treatment expertise. He is involved with sleep dentistry as well becoming an expert in athletic performance!.
  • Easy financing and no interest payment programs are always available. We strive to provide the finest care with flexible and affordable arrangements to fit your budget.
  • As leaders in the community, Dr. Hulsey and his team donate much of their time supporting schools, local organizations and most of all, their patients.

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